Ask Me Anything

1. Can you give us an overview of the PsuB project and its main objectives in enhancing both the payment and NFT ecosystems?

The key overview of the PsuB project for Payment are 'fixed value', 'zero transaction fees', and 'maximizing transaction speed'. In order to implement this, the system structure may vary depending on the country, So we in consideration of legal stability, the PsuB token can be converted into SuB Pay form and used, which enables on,off-line to expand the payment ecosystem indefinitely. It also implements a structure that can be used anywhere in the world through a master and visa card in the form of pay. As PsuB expands globally, SuB Pay will be used as a blockchain token to realize decentralization while maintaining its value depending on the country.

The key overview for NFT is "Play & Practice". Existing NFTs were held and minted by users for the main purpose of increasing price. even if as the concept of DAO emerged to compensate for this but they were only minted in the form of certificate. PsuB team can expand this further, allowing NFT users can make both fun and profit in real life by issuing a variety of practical NFTs beyond simply holding them for profit. In addition, since NFTs are issued in a limited number, their value increases, and the return on investment from holding NFTs can also be expected.

2. How does PsuB plan to leverage the existing payment and NFT ecosystems, and what unique possibilities does it aim to unlock?

The advantage of the existing payment ecosystem is that it combines blockchain with traditional payment methods to enable payment, and also was expanding the structure that can be used not only on its own platform but also on other platforms. While taking advantage of these strengths, our team has made many improvements in terms of the legal stability, scalability, price volatility, transaction fees and transaction speed of the pay system.

Among the developments in the crypto over the past few years, NFT is the best progress thing. At first, NFTs, which were only worth ownership, are transforming into participatory NFTs for users such as W2E, M2E, and P2E. Accepting these innovative result, we will launch an NFT marketplace for the trading of NFTs and open an NFT PLAY STATION to realize and leverage the function of NFTs. NFT PLAY STATION is a new innovation possibility we will aim to unlock.

3. What motivated the development of PsuB, and what gaps or opportunities in the current payment and NFT landscapes does it seek to address?

Our team was attracted to the excellent utilization and infinite scalability of 'Payment' and 'NFT' and started developing the project. But there was a limit to the existing method, and we had to deal with it. I'll explain it in the next question.

4. Could you walk us through some of the key features or components of the PsuB project that differentiate it from other initiatives in the space?

The first way we chose to overcome the limitations within the Payment system was to adopt a Network that "has fast transfer speeds, low fees, and can handle many orders at the same time.". leaving possibility multi-chain for versatile, we was able to achieve superior processing power for payment ecosystem by adopting the Klaytn network. And also, we do not use tokens as currency directly within the payment ecosystem, but swap them with "SuBi Point," which can be used like cash at a fixed value even if the price of the token changes. sure thing, to do so, we also need stable collateral for the SuBi point. We will ensure the stability trust of the points by issuing a 'payment guarantee' of recognized financial institutions to depositing collateral equal the volume of the points in circulation.

PsuB's NFT will be similar to ID Card. this is example, Let's say there's a PlayStation. right, the Game console. Then you need a game pak that fits that, right? Users can enjoy the game by inserting the pak they want on the platform called PlayStation. Let's expand the functionality of the pak. Game pak, W2E pak, G2E pak, M2E pak, and so on. From here, PlayStation is PsuB's platform and Pak is NFT. The content that users can enjoy will vary depending on which NFTs they connect to on the platform, and we will expand the area and provide it to users. PsuB will mint such NFTs, and provide a platform to use them.

5. In what ways do you envision PsuB impacting traditional payment methods, as well as the creation and trading of NFTs?

We continued to study at the limitations of token projects that implement payment functions. Many users want the system unrestricted at global world. they want transparent information disclosure like blockchain, and they want innovation. However, the payment method prefers the existing method and is reluctant to change. The reason is that the volatility of token prices, which makes investment and payment impossible to do at the same time, and their value is not secured with stable. As you know, our team has a solution to these issues, and I have no doubt that it will be the first project to gain the full confidence of users and markets, one of the most important elements of the payment system. This will also be a new standard for payment projects.

For some time, the NFT market has tended to stagnate compared to other META. Compared to new trends like Metaverse and AI. NFTs in artistic fields such as art, photography, and music also play an important role in the ecosystem, but the fact that they only play a limited part remains unchanged. The value of 'ownership' is excellent, but the value of 'utilization, practice' is still low. In order to bring the market's attention back to the NFT sector, it must constantly give new value. With PsuB's NFT, users can participate in the project's platform, earn money, play games, and maybe build their own world. PsuB team sees the NFT ecosystem as an exciting Sandbox with a lot to enjoy, and has the content and technology to implement it. You'll be able to check it out soon.

6. Collaboration often plays a crucial role in ecosystem development. Can you share any partnerships or collaborations that PsuB has engaged in to strengthen its mission?

We're in middle of building a lot of collaborations now, but we already have a market-trusted investment partnership. It is a program that purchases PsuB tokens and makes large-scale investments, the contract has already been concluded and detailed adjustments are underway, so it will be announced soon. We are also always open to partnerships and collaborations between other projects and protocols. There's no need to hesitate. Anyone can participate as a member of our ecosystem.

7. Security and user trust are paramount in both payments and NFTs. How does PsuB address potential security concerns to ensure a safe and reliable experience for its users?

All platforms and hubs in the PsuB project are implemented as decentralized. Payment system information will be disclosed transparently, which will increase user reliability. We also guarantee the value of the points to be used in the payment system through the 'payment guarantee' issued by recognized financial institutions. Also, as you know, PsuB has been contracted with a global investment company, and some of these investments will be stockpiled with reserves from the PsuB Foundation, which will serve as a reliable driving force for anyone to use the PsuB ecosystem.

8. The title suggests "unveiling more possibilities." Could you provide some examples of innovative use cases or scenarios that PsuB might enable within the payment and NFT realms?

For the complete perfect process and ending of the scenario we're going to draw, we first configured a listing roadmap to make it easier for users to access the PsuB token. If the listing process is carried out on five exchanges, including Digifinex, by mid-September, the Listing First step will be completed. PsuB Wallet has already launched, NFT marketplace will be launched at the end of August, and NFT PlayStation will also be open.

9. Community engagement can significantly contribute to the success of a project. How does PsuB plan to involve and gather feedback from its user community during its development journey?

PsuB's biggest and most powerful Backer is the user. The more community users participate in PsuB's ecosystem, the greater the scalability and rewards. They can may be artist who create their own NFTs, ambassador who enthusiastically promotes and supports PsuB, and join a fan club to create their own fiefdom. We will always be open and point out and collect users' opinions on the platform's internal content, and we plan to actively reflect them so that users can directly participate in content development and production.

10. Looking ahead, what are the anticipated milestones and timelines for the PsuB project, and how can interested parties stay updated on its progress?

As I said before, the first step of the listing roadmap is almost completed. In the future, we will aim to launch the platform at the same time as the second step listing. After the platform is launched, all the latest information and progress will be announced on the platform, and it will be released more actively through SNS. It is also recommended that you always pay attention to the notice of the exchange you trust the most. You might get some interesting news that PsuB is listed at an unexpected moment. If you are with PsuB, you will be enriched by investment and entertainment.